Its all about life

that truth~

fuck my life, i didn’t asked for this to happen. fixing a thing leads me to another broken thing. trying to be patient for everything. being talked about, scolded. i just need time for myself. i go out also i had to fucking work and earn the extra hard cash till my legs felt cramp. i didn’t complain. i kept quiet.people say why i can go out but not pay the money i owe. when i get my pay at the end of the day,where does it go?it goes to paying my bills,bills and for my transport. i only have fucking 20 bucks just to spend on myself. i struggled my way out when everybody just watched. its not easy to fucking lead this life. whatever it is,say and bring me down all you want. i’ll be very fucking patient on everything.


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ohhhh,shit just got real~

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alalalalala..cute nyaaaaaa~

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awww,i wished to do this.~

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hell yeah!

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to infinity and beyond~ ;)

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Best one iv seen yet

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